Four days and four nights in Singapore

    Departure time / 2015-08-26 Travel days / 4 days People / and friends Per capita cost / 6000RMB
The destination we chose is
rich in sunshine
and warm sea breeze blowing in
the sun into the heart-

Meishan Yunsong

This trip, from the time I wanted to go, to booking tickets, did not exceed 24 hours, and it was considered a walk-and-go trip.
Fortunately, I had more trips in August, which allowed Summer to stop by my side for a few more days.
The only ups and downs this time is the visa. We thought about the visa too simply. We applied for the visa 20 days before departure. Among them, my friend’s visa was refused once. I waited for two weeks. go to Qingdao Wan Jitian, eventually got a passport in two days before departure, such as the process really worried, but the wait was worth it! The trip to Singapore finally took place. The visa processing will be mentioned in detail below.
I graduated in 2013, and I did not enter the university gate until September this year. I am grateful for my "free time" in the past two years and my parents for their understanding. I have so many opportunities to go out and have a look.
Sina Weibo: Guaiiiii

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Photo preview Part 1: Qingdao

Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Badaguan Badaguan Badaguan Badaguan Badaguan Badaguan Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Part 2: Singapore

Merlion Park Merlion Park Singapore Sands Sky Park Sands Sky Park Sentosa Island SEA Aquarium Universal Studios Singapore Sentosa Island Sentosa Island Singapore Flyer Little India Singapore Gardens by the Bay Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach WuJie Road WuJie Road Oasia Hotel Singapore Preparation before departure Old rules: All screenshots are in the original version, including high-definition subway and light rail maps (station names in Chinese and English), entry and exit cards, and employment certificate templates. Leave the mailbox if needed.
Given Thailand travel have appeared without looking at reviews on travel bee mailbox, I was explicitly mentioned in the travel notes had a problem and asked me to reply to a message, it is disrespectful to the author of it. So here I want to say: in order to get the results of the labor of others, do not mean the right to the "top" of their own good point - we travel more support in order to be in need of bee see figure below is part of the package, and sent will be compressed, the files inside are all personally organize, to solve Singapores many problems of free exercise.

Singapore About visa My friend and I were looking for a travel agent, on the day I do not remember how many times Tucao travel agencies, such as those passports Singapore normal time to get a visa is generally about five days, ten days, my sister before I go to Singapore , I found a visa agent on a certain treasure, and they gave her a visa in five days, but mine waited for 14 days! ! Because we still have to Qingdao Wan Jitian, all tickets booked, almost a passport in order to change to Qingdao time ...... friends ...... it is do not fly to the extreme, his student card expired, only one i20, belongs to the unemployed, Visa Center People called him countless times. After all the air ticket orders and hotel orders were sent to him, he was told that the visa was refused, saying that he could only pay 35 SGD to re-apply. The result was given a day later. I have already done a good job. Preparation! Fortunately, the visas of the last two people are fine. (BTW: Singapore visa is too low...)
My materials are: 1. Passport
2. Copy of ID card 3. Copy of
family registration
4. Work certificate
5. 5,000 deposit certificate frozen for three months
Friends materials: 1, 2, and 3 are the same.
4. A deposit of 500,000 in the name of the parents.
5. A certificate of deposit of 30,000 in the name of the friend
(only the materials he applied for for the first time)
. Submission of the second application: 6. Air ticket, hotel orders
7, i20
this is Singapore visa cruelly tortured, both of us have a uS visa, but still a lot of trouble, do not know what will happen the white passport visa agent ...... got to find a tricky job otherwise alive To death!

About itinerary August 27 00:30 arriving in Singapore
on August 31 at 02:00 left Singapore
on the first day, 27 Orchard Road - Haji Lane - Merlion Park - Sands Sky Garden No. 28 the next day St. Taosha Adventure Water Park--Aquarium--Chinatown--Ferris Wheel

No. 29 on the third day of small India - Clarke Quay - Night City Tour car (Coastal Gardens - Downtown) Day 30 Sentosa - Night Safari

About air tickets August 2nd I set the ticket, chose China Eastern Airlines, Qingdao and from Singapore 2685 / person.
Qingdao direct flights to Singapore There is only Scoot, which is a low-cost airline. There is a charge for checked luggage and no drinking water is provided on the plane. Therefore, direct selection of Eastern friends, about eight hours of flight time, stopping Wuxi .

This is two flight times

Singapore Singapore About the hotel We found a travel agent booking, booked a Singapore luxury hotels in Asia. Attach their website on hotels.com:
http://www.hotels.cn/hotel/details.html?tab=description&hotel-id=372519&q-localised-check-in=2015-08-26& ;q-room-0-adults=2&YGF=14&MGT=4&WOE=7&q-localised-check-out=2015-08-30&WOD=3&ZSX=0&SYE=3&q -room-0-children=0

Oasia Hotel Singapore-A Far East Hospitality Group Oasia Hotel Singapore-A Far East Hospitality Group Arrived at night, I did not take pictures, which is two days after the shot - not too messy haha

Opposite the room is a building, and the curtains in the room are just a thin layer of gauze! Dont dare to turn on too bright lights at night! The bathroom is also large windows - very bright outside light, so in Singapore I took a life of a landscape bath

About fees Ticket: 2685
Visa: 450
Hotel: SGD 835.9 (four nights)
Pick-up: 40
Mobile wifi: 140
Tickets: Ferris wheel 99 + Adventure Water Park 99 yuan + Night Zoo 119 + Aquarium 69 + Night Sightseeing Car SGD32=526
Others: 900
(All prices are in RMB, SGD is marked with SGD)

About immigration card There is Chinese on the entry and exit card, so translation is not required in advance. Let me focus on the second part of the immigration card.

Singapore Note 1: Departure refers to enter Singapore departure of this process starting point and not the entire trip.
If domestic flights from Singapore , this column fill China departure city; if other countries fly from Singapore , Then fill in the appropriate countries and cities (such as AirAsia domestic flight Kuala Lumpur turnaround fly to Singapore , this column denotes compulsory Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).
Note 2: The ever use the name different from the current passport passports entered Singapore ?
Note 3: If the answer to Note 2 is "yes", please indicate the name you have used. Otherwise, no need to fill in.
Note D: Have you ever been to Singapore refused entry?

About tickets One day suddenly received morning Ali pushed Singapore Special Session, a time to buy us on the next one, and fliers Ferris wheel full-day ticket 99 / person. The order information will be sent to my mailbox the next day, which is very reliable.

Singapore Tickets booked on Haiwan need to go to Sentosa to redeem tickets, while those booked on the way, you can directly take your printed booking form to scan the code, which is very convenient.

The length of the booking form is like this~?

Singapore Here I indicate the prices of all tickets, as well as the booking website, as a reference for Fengfeng. 1. Ferris wheel-Haiwan.com [99 yuan/person] 2. Water Adventure Park-Haiwan.com [99 yuan/person] 3. Night Zoo-Wantuwang [119 yuan/person] 4. Aquarium ——Wantou.com [69 yuan/person] (all are special events)

About internal traffic The four days we stayed here were basically by subway. Instead of buying one-day or three-day tickets, we went directly to the subway station and bought an ez-link card.
The ez-link card has a card fee of S$5, and then you can recharge it before you use it. The minimum recharge is S$7. Like a domestic bus card, it can be refunded if the money in it is not used up. The card fee is not refundable. , The card belongs to me~
this is the official website: http://www.ezlink.com.sg/

Beginning of Travels Part One- Qingdao

Go to Singapore to go before Qingdao for a few days or five days and there is no plan - nothing to go out into the sea running, and last year wrote Qingdao travel, so this Qingdao The itinerary is not written
directly on the picture~

The pictures below are all taken with mobile phones

Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center The picture below
shows the camera shooting equipment: Canon 70D lens: 10-22

Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach Shilaoren Beach To the old stone beach that day was my day in Qingdao five days among the bluest and the day after tomorrow is overcast, it does not know is cloudy or haze

If its cloudy, just go for a small and fresh style~ Happy cloudy

Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Now I don’t want to take photos anymore, I just play my own in front of the camera, and I can always choose a few good-looking ones from 100 shots~ Random is the most beautiful~

Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Next is the highly compelling food map~ The boat song is really! Too delicious! !

Boat song fish dumplings To make a comment with pictures of the picture software~

Boat song fish dumplings Boat song fish dumplings Boat song fish dumplings Boat song fish dumplings Boat song fish dumplings Boat song fish dumplings Clams is a favorite no one

Boat song fish dumplings Badaguan Scenic Area Badaguan Scenic Area Qingdao chapter is over! Depart Singapore

Part Two- Singapore

Singapore Singapore Singapore In Wuxi after the turn of people fly less than half, to sleep a super-cool feel ~

Singapore This is the drop-off desk at the airport. You can book directly there, but we booked it online before departure, 40 RMB to the hotel.

Day 1 Orchard Road-Haji Lane-Merlion Statue Park-Sands Hotel Sky Garden We arrived at 26 in the morning in Singapore , about a 20-minute car ride to Dachau Asia Hotel - awesome room, two large transparent glass, opposite a building, then I can not understand that! The curtains in the hotel are not thick! I didn’t dare to turn on the bright lights at night for fear that the opposite person would look over... Because I arrived at night, so I didn’t take photos in time~ but the next day we made up shots~

Whenever he woke up, the beauty outside the window wake up my sleepy, the first day there is rain, rain pattering Lek had acquired under the morning began to clear, he is feeling sunny doll ~ four days are sunny - the Lion City of Singapore s Beauty has activated my senses, I can’t wait to take out my camera to take pictures

Oasia Hotel Singapore-A Far East Hospitality Group Oasia Hotel Singapore-A Far East Hospitality Group The building opposite is super close, and the curtains are such a thin layer!

Oasia Hotel Singapore-A Far East Hospitality Group Oasia Hotel Singapore-A Far East Hospitality Group Depart from the hotel around 12 oclock! There is a subway on the third floor of the hotel, which is one of the reasons for choosing this hotel. By the way, Singapore ’s subway system is too developed! It feels that there are cities underground and ground, and the space is used too well.

half past twelve! Officially started walking in the Lion City

Singapore First stop: Orchard Road

WuJie Road There are many large shopping malls on Orchard Road. There are shopping malls selling high-end cosmetics and luxury goods. There are also some shopping malls with affordable prices. There are also some fashionable and independent brands standing on Orchard Road with their own unique logos and shop styles. side. This road is not only more than the mall, street art works a lot, so even if youre not going shopping, you can also go to Orchard Road were born, not only to experience Singapore s trend direction, and the camera can also be harvested in the United States according to a wave ~

WuJie Road WuJie Road WuJie Road Encountered a Yakun grilled toast~ I ordered some to cushion my stomach

Yakun Kaya Toast The butter in the toast is really! too! Incense!

Yakun Kaya Toast WuJie Road WuJie Road A&F

If you go shopping, you’d better bring your passport to prove that you’re a tourist. Many shopping malls have discounts. We didn’t know that we didn’t bring them, but the clerk asked for our room card and gave us corresponding discounts, which is very user-friendly~

Take two selfies while waiting for friends to try on clothes

TOPSHOP Spacious and clean road

Singapore Singapore Looking at the picture now, I miss the 34℃ temperature that was about to heat me up.

Haji Lane The architectural style changes from high-rise buildings to colorful low-flat villas in seconds, arriving at Haji Lane

Haji Lane Second stop: Haji Lane

Haji Lane Haji Lane This street so maverick crossing between downtown buildings, its actually no sense of violation and unique, its not the color has become engraved little embellishment, which makes Singapores bustling become not blindly downtown, these embellishment, so that Singapore lovely little of it.

Haji Lane The shape is concave~

Haji Lane Haji Lane Haji Lane Haji Lane Turning into an alley can be amazed by its colorfulness

Haji Lane Wall ~
go out to play habitually choose some hot places, such as Bali , Los Angeles , Thailand , mainly due to good with clothes. However, no sunscreen habit of me after the sun heavy baptism success To his skin tanned the color of wheat oh no, it should be bronzed ~ o (≧ v ≦) o ~~

Haji Lane Haji Lane Haji Lane All kinds of color contrast and color matching, maybe just the stores interest in painting the wall with your favorite color, this kind of randomness is just right in our opinion, it is unique and not artificial

Haji Lane Haji Lane Two-meter long legs ○( ^ bowl^)っHiahia...

Haji Lane I can’t believe that I have become hacked like this......(?°?°?)?

Haji Lane Haji Lane Even though there are no people around in my photo, I think this alley is deserted, and there are actually many people who come here to find photos.
In order not to show other people in the photos, there is only one way: wait.

Haji Lane Haji Lane We bought a bunch of things for shopping. For the convenience of the next trip, we took a taxi directly back to the hotel after coming out of Haji Lane. It was about S$8.
Then I took the subway to the Merlion Park~

Merlion Park After getting off the subway, I have to walk along this small river for a while. When we went there, it was around 5 or 6 in the evening. The temperature and light were so comfortable that I could not wait to waste my time here.

Merlion Park Merlion Park Merlion Park Merlion Park Third stop: Merlion Park

Merlion Park I remember junior high school graduation wanted to report a group of Matera, Merlion Park at that time began to enter my sight, as long as that thought Merlion in Singapore , so this building emerged in my mind many times, each Its all in my different Lenovo scenes, and the sizes are also different. The Merlion I saw with my own eyes, with the golden light of the setting sun on his back, facing the Marina Bay Sands on the opposite shore, was not what I expected, but I really like it.

Merlion Park Merlion Park Merlion Park Merlion Park In the Merlion Park until sunset, we decided to walk to the Sands, one walk, and second, I want to live off of Singapores more recent.

Merlion Park Capture a handsome guy

Singapore There are many joggers on the road, both old and young, both alone and in teams. In Singapore Running it seems to be a way of life, regardless of morning or evening sky is not dark after sunset, people can be met in the street running. Yes, it’s a pity not to go to such a gym with diversified scenery~?(? ? ??)

Singapore Singapore Fourth stop: Sands Shopping Center

Marina Bay Sands There is a small canal in the square, you can take a boat to pass between the shopping areas.

Marina Bay Sands All kinds of luxury brands, cutting-edge brands, and trendy stores gather here. The biggest highlight is the Louis Vuitton Island Maison boutique located on Crystal Pavilion Island, which is really huge! luxurious!

Marina Bay Sands Marina Bay Sands Dinner~ Hainan Chicken Rice~!

Marina Bay Sands After eating, we followed the signs to find skypark. This time we did not choose to buy tickets online. There should be this ticket service on Ctrip Mafeng. Fengfeng can refer to the price we bought: 23 SGD/person.

Fifth stop: Sands Sky Garden

Sands Sky Park Originally there was a long queue. I don’t know why the staff walked to the back, and after asking about the number of us, they took us to the first one, took a 3D photo, and waited to go upstairs. When we went downstairs, we saw the talents who were ahead of us. Though visa sometime ~ grueling, but came to Singapore after everything is lucky

Sands Sky Park See Singapore after night scene, I have been "wow! Ah! Mobile phone handset! !! video camera !! ah! Pictures !!!" Of course, the sound is not great - no disgrace to the nation ~

Sands Sky Park Really! super! good looking!

Sands Sky Park Sands Sky Park Sands Sky Park Sands Sky Park Sands Sky Park Sands Sky Park Sands Sky Park Sands Sky Park One of the regrets of this trip! Did not go to the infinity pool...because it is stipulated that residents can enter the pool area, but the price of Sands is really unacceptable as a student party! All is left as a pity to experience later~

The first day ended beautifully as planned~!

Day 2 Sentosa Adventure Water Park--Aquarium--Chinatown--Ferris Wheel Tips:
Sentosa from Singapore Island is half a kilometer, connected by a causeway Bridge.
There are four kinds of transportation to arrive:
1. Sentosa MRT: Operates from 7:00-24:00, from Sentosa MRT station to Beach MRT station. It departs every 5-8 minutes and the fare is S$3.5, including the island fee.
2. Cable car: Depart from the cable car center of the second building of Port Faber Mountain. Tickets are S $ 29 / person, S $ 18 / child, every day 8: 45-22: 00 runs, including fees and on the island of Singapore Cable Car museum tickets.
3. Sentosa Boardwalk: Open 24 hours a day, you can get to Sentosa Island for one Singapore dollar.
4. Taxi: 15-20 minutes by car.

You can swipe the ez-link card by taking the MRT. This card is really convenient and saves a lot of time to buy tickets.

A beautiful day starts with a beautiful breakfast

Singapore Singapore Take the subway to Sentosa~ I put my bikini directly in my clothes~ Then I brought a spare dress~

Singapore Vivo City Department Store ~ The third floor is the subway, and the Sentosa MRT station is on the top of the building

VivoCity VivoCity These are the names of the four stations of the MRT. If you want to go to Universal Studios, Adventure World, Sea Life, etc., get off at the first station ~ when you get off the bus, there will be a staff member to explain

VivoCity VivoCity Our Ferris wheel tickets and Adventure Water Park tickets need to be exchanged with an electronic reservation form, which is easy to find somewhere.
There is a small suggestion, for the bee bee who wants to go to the Ferris wheel when booking tickets online: try to set the Ferris wheel and Sentosa on the same day, so that it will be very convenient to pick up the tickets. Wash the sand.

Sentosa Island The ticket pick-up location is in front of the OMEGA store in the center shopping gallery of Festive Hotel and Hotel Michael

Sentosa Island Sentosa Island Take the ticket and go up to the top of the mall and you will see another Merlion~

Sentosa Island Sentosa Island Sentosa Island Sentosa Island Sentosa Island Female nerve~

Sentosa Island First stop: Adventure Water Park

Adventure Water Park I took a picture with a DSLR and stored it in the cabinet~ I took the rest of the pictures with my mobile phone, and brought a waterproof mobile phone case, which seems to be sold in the park.

Adventure Water Park The locker for storing clothes in the locker room is self-service. The large one is 20 SGD a day and the small one is 10 SGD a day. There is Chinese. You can pick up things at any time by setting a password. It is very convenient.

Adventure Water Park There is a swimming lane in the park, which basically runs through the entire park. After playing the project, you can sit on the swimming ring and go to the waterway to relax. You can also sit on the swimming ring directly. The waterway has a port for landing in each amusement project.

Adventure Water Park Adventure Water Park Adventure Water Park The first project to welcome us~Water slide~Little children can play by themselves~Very convenient and exciting:

Adventure Water Park Adventure Water Park The waterway is long like this~ Fortunately, the sun hid when we did the swimming ring~ Otherwise, we must take sun protection measures!

Adventure Water Park Adventure Water Park Adventure Water Park There are not many pictures taken by mobile phones~ The purpose is to play~

Adventure Water Park Second stop: Aquarium

SEA Aquarium We bring a paper reservation form with a QR code on it, and you can enter directly by scanning the code~Its not convenient~

SEA Aquarium I feel that going to the aquarium is something that no generation wants to resist. Swimming in the sea against Buddha is a dream that has been achieved since childhood.

SEA Aquarium I have deep love phobia, and I have only experienced eye addiction in the aquarium.

SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium With a 10-22 wide-angle lens, it is not easy to be able to shoot this effect!

SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium We wandered around, just in time for the feeder feeding time~lucky day~

SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium One of the favorite marine creatures~: Jellyfish Ranger!

SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium Its really cute! ! ! Cant move!

SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium Touch the little starfish~

SEA Aquarium Clownfish Nemo

SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium At the ticket office of the Aquarium, the ticket is S$32/person. We spiked the special ticket ~ 69 RMB/person.

SEA Aquarium Universal Studios me in Los Angeles have been to this day - and time is not quite enough time, we did not go again.

Universal Studios Singapore Candylicious This is the whole of Asia s largest, the worlds second-largest candy store, which is like a fairy tale-like world, the dream was to take the pink bubble inside the trolley is ~ mini, even adults do not want to refuse so cute Gadgets~

Sentosa Island Sentosa Island Sentosa Island Sentosa Island Sentosa Island Sentosa Island After entering, I was captured by all kinds of candies! ! Bought two bags~ the pomegranate-flavored sugar is delicious! !

Candylicious From Sentosa, in order to solve the problem of eating, we temporarily decided to go to Chinatown, and got on the subway and immediately killed it~ The subway is so convenient~

Third stop: Chinatown

Chinatown Similar to Little Chinatown~ The things sold are all gadgets

Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown is to take one off games - the main purpose is to find super famous Hainan chicken rice!

Chinatown Chinatown Every day, Hainan chicken rice fame Megatron Quartet - a lot of travel in have mentioned, directed to fame, really did not let us down, slide the chicken tender, fragrant rice is really to not work, just eat rice all right!

Tiantian Hainanese Chicken Rice Tiantian Hainanese Chicken Rice Eat and drink~ Return to the original road, the next stop! Ferris wheel~

Chinatown Fourth stop: Ferris wheel

Singapore Flyer The tickets are exchanged at Sentosa, go straight in~

Singapore Flyer Singapore Flyer Singapore Flyer We arrived at the Ferris wheel around six oclock, and spent some time in line. It was around seven oclock to get on the Ferris wheel. Take us with a "pill" (carriage looked like a pill, so on so called friends ~) with a pair of Singapore locals, they say happened that we are, because it can take time to see Singapore three stages: Day, evening, and night. We did witness this process, from the dark to the brightly lit, so beautiful.

Singapore Flyer Singapore Sunset time was around seven oclock. When sitting in the "small pill", the sun had already set, but the sky was still bright.

Singapore Flyer Singapore Flyer Slowly the surrounding lights started to light up, and the lights of the Ferris wheel also came on at this time, the red light

Singapore Flyer at dusk

Singapore Flyer Singapore Flyer At the highest point of the Ferris wheel~

Singapore Flyer Singapore Flyer Singapore Flyer Singapore Flyer Singapore Flyer Singapore Flyer After coming out of the Ferris wheel, I saw that there are many sightseeing cars parked there, so I got the idea of taking a sightseeing car, so I temporarily added the sightseeing car to the plan for the third day~ I
left the Ferris wheel at about 8 pm and went back to the hotel to rest. La

Day 3 Little India-Clarke Quay-Night City Tour The room finally has a complete picture~ the view is really superb!

Oasia Hotel Singapore-A Far East Hospitality Group Oasia Hotel Singapore-A Far East Hospitality Group Breakfast downstairs in the hotel still solve ~
then went to a small Indian ~ Small India is seen on the Raiders, there is a deep color confusion

First stop: a small India

Little India Recommended walking routes: (from the Ma honeycomb guide)
Tekka Centre-Buffalo Road-Kerbau Road-Campbell Lane-Di Dickson Road (Dickson Road)-Race Course Road (Race Course Road)
foreign navigation APP I recommend using Google Maps, which is more accurate.
The weather was so hot that day, I can’t stand it~ so I didn’t go shopping much~

Little India Little India Little India Little India In order to avoid the sun and the crowds, we walked to the back streets of the shops, which is also a scene.
In fact, good scenes are not limited to those with magnificent and colorful surfaces. As long as you are willing to spend time and have companions who are willing to accompany you to explore the interior of the city, you can still see the other side of the city in the subtleties, and you are also developing Shining.

Little India Little India
Now I don’t have to pose deliberately when taking pictures, just laugh~

Little India Little India Small Indian metro station (little India), take the subway to reach the NE line, station number NE7

Little India We remembered that there was a delicious Bak Kut Teh near Clarke Quay, so we temporarily decided to go to Clarke Quay, ez-link stuck in hand, Singapore, just go~

Second stop: Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay Meet the runners in the city marathon~

Songfa Bak Kut Teh Thats it! !

Songfa Bak Kut Teh Songfa Bak Kut Teh Taste Michizane was fantastic, a lot of people waiting outside, but orderly, waiter very orderly division of labor, so we quickly ate on a meal ~

Songfa Bak Kut Teh Songfa Bak Kut Teh One of the more special signs that Singapore gave me is probably a one-way street. You rarely see roads with two-way cars driving at the same time on the road. They are basically one-way roads. I admire these urban road planning people from the bottom of my heart. It is a rare artwork.

Clarke Quay Clarke Quay A huge marathon team~

Singapore Flyer Third stop: City sightseeing car

The sightseeing car is in the same place as the Ferris wheel. This time we did not buy tickets online, but went directly to the ticket point.
The time to go was about six oclock, but upon inquiring, it was told that there was no daytime sightseeing car ticket, only night sightseeing car. So we were entangled in whether to go to the night zoo tonight or take a sightseeing bus, and finally I decided to take a sightseeing bus. Then I found that this was really a super wise decision. The
1. Singapore is very sun-dried during the day, and half of the second floor of the tourist car is open, which is easy to sunburn.
2. We are on the plane at 2 oclock the next night. If we take a sightseeing bus, it will end too early, and there will be nowhere to go.
3, night Singapore really is another kind of beauty, I took it out of language to describe.
Said this is to be a reference for bees with similar plans, after all, people who have come over have a great say~

Singapore Flyer We chose Funvees sightseeing car. There is a small room with air-conditioning on the second floor. It is much bigger than the one parked in the parking lot.

Singapore Flyer Near the Ferris wheel is the F1 race field, so there is a track experience here, the parked cars are Lamborghini and Ferrari.
I searched the price on Ctrip and it is roughly as follows:
Audi R8 15 minutes ¥ 1320
30 minutes ¥ 2180
60 minutes ¥ 3680
Lamborghini 15 minutes ¥ 1480
30 minutes ¥ 2380
60 minutes ¥ 3880
Maserati GT 15 minutes ¥ 1180
30 minutes ¥ 1980
60 minutes ¥ 3480

Singapore Flyer Is it cool? ! I must feel it once when I become rich!

After getting on the bus, our first stop was the Gardens by the Bay Botanic Gardens to watch the light show at 7.45.
The ticket for the night sightseeing bus is S$32, and the ticket for the daytime seems to be S$28.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay The sky is still a bit bright, and the Golden Sands Hotel is opposite the Botanical Garden.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay Singapore Gardens by the Bay Light show at the beginning it was already dark, the trees at the tree crown began their hair with light, transform light with music, really beautiful.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay Singapore Gardens by the Bay For people watching the light show, lying down is the most comfortable and correct posture.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay I can see the word "Longing" in the eyes of the child

Singapore Gardens by the Bay A pedestrian riding tour bus, began Singapore Night Tour

Coming to Orchard Road~

This restaurant is so cool

The terminal of the sightseeing bus is Clarke quay. There are a lot of food around, and there are also Haidilao. We sat by the river for a long time, and the camera was out of power before heading back to the house~ It was also a super fulfilling day~

Clarke Quay Clarke Quay Clarke Quay Clarke Quay Clarke Quay Clarke Quay Select night Singapore really is the most sensible decision - it is so beautiful to see the look in less than a day side

Day 4 Sentosa-Night Zoo Sentosa Beach also go to Singapore a temporary decision, the fourth day of the originally planned shopping and swimming in the hotel, I heard Sentosa Island beach sea, I could not help but run to where the ~

The way to Sentosa is the same as the next day~ I won’t write it in detail.

Palawan Beach Cycling, beach volleyball, special bars...everything on this beach, very suitable for parties. It is also a pleasure to spend two days in Sentosa with family or friends on the weekend, which makes us envious.

Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach The shark prevention measures here are very good, so swimming in this bay is very safe.

Palawan Beach Palawan Beach SENTOSA, Malay word for peace and quiet.
The island was developed in 1972, encouraged by government policy.

Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Someone is playing zipline on top of your head~

Palawan Beach Sentosa Beach is composed of three distinctive beaches: Tanjung Beach, Palawan Beach and Siloso Beach.
You can sit down in a car like the one in the picture to freely switch between the beaches. It runs every 15 minutes at no charge.

Palawan Beach Get on the car to reach Barra Bay Beach ~

Palawan Beach Here is Asia s southernmost continent, but also in Asia the closest place to the equator.

Palawan Beach A suspension bridge connects Mara Bay Beach with another small island.

Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Picturesque, roughly like this

Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach The blue sky and the blue sea are so beautiful

Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Palawan Beach In fact, I still want to walk to the other side of the coconut tree. Below are the reefs and the sea. People around me said it was too dangerous for me to go over, so I just gave it up~

Palawan Beach Palawan Beach Singapore Palawan Beach All in heat~ I found a bar and got a cup of ice tea~

Palawan Beach After leaving Sentosa, we took the subway to the Night Safari.
Route: Take the subway NS line to Ang Mo Kio station (Ang Mo Kio), then transfer to bus 138.
At that time I could not find where to take the 138 bus, thanks to know people in Singapore , decisive help him. After walking under the subway underground passage to cross the road, go across the AMK hub, you can search on Google Maps: bus interchange can navigate to. Go in and follow the signs to see the 138 bus. The name of the terminal station reads the zoo directly.
Get in the car and swipe your card, remember to swipe again after getting off the car~

Singapore Night safari Night safari The camera’s WiFi function is very good~ the phone can remotely take selfies~

Night safari Arrived~First serve a refreshing ice cream~

Night safari Second stop: night zoo

The night zoo has a walking path, and there is also a road to visit by sightseeing car, it is highly recommended! Dont choose to take a sightseeing bus first! There are so many people, a lot of time will be wasted in the queue. When you go in, choose to walk first, and leave the part of the walking tour first. When you return to the battery car station, it has already passed the peak period. There are few people and there is no need to wait in line. The point is that you can choose both sides of the car. It is more convenient to watch than the middle. Much.

Night safari Night safari 关这个小动物的地方道路两侧没有围栏,它们可以随意穿行,感觉离它们好近~很棒的体验

夜间野生动物园 夜间野生动物园 夜间野生动物园 夜间野生动物园 夜间野生动物园 Night safari giraffe

Night safari This is the trouble with non-large aperture lenses...I can often take some hazy and beautiful photos at night

Night safari Night safari Night safari Leopard

Night safari Night safari Night safari Night safari Night safari Night safari Asian elephant

It’s basically impossible to take photos when traveling by car~ The car doesn’t stop and it’s very expensive, so just keep your eyes open and look for animals~

Night safari Night safari It was about nine oclock when we came out from the zoo. I was afraid that the time would not be in time, so I took a taxi and returned to the hotel. After checking out, we took the suitcase and took the subway to the airport.
Arrived at the airport two hours early, completed the check-in and tax refund procedures, and started waiting.
Looking back on these four days, what this unexpected trip has brought me apart from being shocked by all kinds of beauty, is actually more of the satisfaction of realizing my dream for many years.
Completed the dream of going to Xinmatai upon graduation.
Make up in Los Angeles did not sit wagon regret.
After the trip I was thinking, if someone asked me to Singapore how kind, how can I answer.
Sands Merlion small one-way street Chinatown India These elements are not enough to explain Singapore
The four-color race in the same compartment. People who use running as a way of life. This is something I haven’t seen before in Singapore.
I cant describe Singapore, nor can the photos I take show the charm of the Lion City.
I can only say, go and see for yourself, its worth it.

新加坡 新加坡 "Dont forget what you promised to do, and dont forget to promise you wherever you want to go, no matter how difficult or far it is."

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