Travel Notes-A five-year appointment

    Departure time / 2019-05-27 Travel days / 6 days People / and friends Per capita cost / 8000RMB
To my girlfriends-two Aries who love ritual I like the feeling of being tired of being with you. It is not that there will always be endless topics together, but that we will not feel embarrassed even if we don’t talk. This comfort, even lovers cannot give

Singapore Marriott Hotel 5 years ago we graduated five years, my best girlfriends and universities are giving birth to the baby, and therefore began to plan the perfect trip, to commemorate our friendship, could have been ready to go to Turkey , because the car taking into account other issues, The family members of both sides were very opposed to it. They struggled with the travel destination for several days and finally decided to go to Lion City. In Singapore can experience the beautiful garden city, you can feel the warm sun Southland, you can go to Universal Studios to experience the feeling of the heartbeat, you can go close contact cute little dolphin, you can see Mei Mei marine animals, can be in the water Fun in the paradise...you can also taste various

Southeast Asian cuisine, Singapore is also our best choice for the two Aries who love to eat food and adventurous .
After Fun Lion City, wrote my first travel souvenir, while also hope this will help to want to travel to Singapore of your pre-trip preparation 1 visa: Singapore

It is an electronic visa. After the application is completed, print it out and take it with you. You can print a few more copies for later use. We all apply for it on Taobao. Without a work certificate, we will freeze the funds of 30,000 yuan. For more than three months, just go to the bank to open one. The visa issuance is very fast, just one month before the trip.
2. WiFi card and charger: I bought the card with two British standard conversion plugs. I bought a 6-day 4G card. The network speed is average, but it is enough. Sometimes there will be no signal.
3, bus cards: we buy is Ezlink cards to Singapore before buying, holding passports can apply for foreign tourists, can also advance in Taobao to buy (recommended salted fish)
It should be noted here: the subway not allowed to eat, oh. If the bus does not report to the station, you need to ring the bell to inform the driver when it is about to arrive. Otherwise, you will not stop. You will need to swipe your card to get on and off the bus. Otherwise, you will be charged for the whole journey. The taxi must go to a fixed point instead of beckoning on the road different companies in different models starting price, and Beijing Shanghai taxi charges about the same.
4. Map: Baidu map is very easy to use, basically there is no error, but sometimes the subway exit of the station will be marked wrong.
5. Shopping and tax refund: As long as you spend 100 Singapore dollars, you can enjoy a 7% tax refund. Tell the clerk that you need a tax refund when shopping. They will help you prepare the documents and apply for the tax refund at the airport. There is Chinese on the self-service machine, press The steps are just fine, you can directly choose to return to Alipay, which can be said to be a second return. After the tax refund, you can check in your luggage, because you may be asked to see your tax refund items, mine did not, and the LV bought by Y was seen.

[New] Travel Notes DAY1 Xian (Fuzhou)-Singapore Stay in Chinatown-Nomo Hotel Take Xiamen Airlines MF855 Xian - Fuzhou (stops) - Singapore
Fuzhou Stops, girlfriends with "Y" alternative, Y is in Fuzhou , she in Fuzhou on the plane, my two perfect convergence on the plane with me delicious Fuzhou fish balls, rescue aircraft do not eat my meal

Two on the plane I was watching "This is hip-hop in the second quarter," laughing all the way gossip, and soon arrived in Singapore , fill out the entry card, to the time the flight attendants will be issued.

Universal Studios Singapore Arrived in Singapore has been little middle of the night, we decided to go to a taxi driver to play big brother thought we were skipping student, ha ha ha, although we do like skipping college to go out to play

Singapore Changi Airport The eldest driver on the road told us a lot, and pointed out some landmarks to show us, so that we can start looking forward to tomorrow’s itinerary when we first arrive in Singapore. Mono Hotel The cute mini in front of the hotel, miss my car every day

Mono Hotel The little brother at the front desk is very nice, help us bring the luggage to the room

Mono Hotel The location of the hotel is very good. It takes less than five minutes to go to the Chinatown subway entrance. It is also close to Songfa Bak Kut Teh. The space is ok, very clean, ins style, beautiful exterior in black and white, many people taking pictures, just soundproof Very poor, the air conditioner is noisy, but both of me are sleepy and do not affect

[New] Travel Notes DAY2 Shopping on Orchard Road-Taste Jumbo Seafood Today is mainly a day for two girls shopping

Chinatown Chinatown morning, it was Singapore s Chinatown, historic temples, old Chinese pharmacy colleagues together with trendy bars drinking lifestyle store staggered standing.
There is a Songfa Bak Kut Teh near the hotel. I got up early and went immediately. I was told to open at 10:30.

Songfa Bak Kut Teh The door was soon filled with people. The two non-food stars ordered a table of meat. The food was served quickly. People kept coming to refill the soup in Bak Kut Teh. Both of them thought the best food was the small fried dough sticks, meat bones. The tea still feels a bit greasy, and the pigs feet are also good. I ate too much meat and I didnt eat lunch at noon. One day to take a taxi on the return trip, the uncle driver told me that Songfa Bak Kut Teh is made from frozen bones, and the locals do not eat it. He recommended me to sponsor Bak Kut Teh. I regret to save it for next time!

Chinatown Chinatown After eating Bak Kut Teh, we came out to Chinatown subway station. We bought a transportation card. We rely on it for travel these days. If the balance is not enough, you can recharge it. The self-service machine has Chinese display. Singapore s subway has five lines, a different color than Japan many simple subway ride will not get lost Luchi, such as me.

Ngee An City Two people who couldnt control their hands when they arrived at the mall

WuJie Road WuJie Road The bus is a bit nice

WuJie Road After eating this toast ice cream recommended by Fengwei, I don’t know if it’s the old man. It is said that the taste is the same, it doesn’t matter, it tastes good.

WuJie Road Orchard Road to buy plywood and amika straight comb, really handy, straight comb save sofa star who, shampoo, hair mask, essential oils are good, oil spike Moroccan hair oil, girlfriends go Hong Kong s when the grass, did not think Singapore is also, this is my visit to Singapore Buy the most useful things.

Lady M Confections When you’re tired of shopping, take a break and eat some desserts and the expected treasure seafood. We booked a spot on the sub-site in advance, and specifically asked to sit by the window and watch the night view.

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant Bring the treasures little collar and feel cute

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant If I ate black pepper in China, I ordered chili, but I still think chili is better

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant The lobster rice and durian crisp are delicious. Every dish is really delicious. I personally think it is better than domestic

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant Y is more beautiful after giving birth. I love her. The two of them ate wildly and walked out of the wall. The snacks that were not eaten were packed. The next morning, I had a
pleasant day to end. I went back to wash and slept in seconds. Looking forward to the next day of Universal Studios

[New] Travel Notes DAY3 Sentosa Island-Universal Studios Wake up at 8 oclock after breakfast, check out and take our big suitcase to Sentosa Yucca Hotel, store luggage, take the
hotel shuttle bus to Universal Studios, every 10-15 minutes, you can reach various attractions.

Universal Studios Singapore Universal Studios Singapore Come to the garden first, come to Cup Star Dad, I want half sugar, it is too sweet

Universal Studios Singapore Universal Studios Singapore Taobao bought tickets and express tickets. The express tickets need to be printed at the visitor center. With express tickets, all the rides can be played quickly. There is no need to queue up. Those particularly popular items need to be shot for about an hour, reducing the queue time. Im visiting the park

Universal Studios Singapore Entered the park, we went red and blue roller coaster, roller coaster need storage bags and mobile phones, the project doorstep Storage is very convenient, in Japan sat pterosaurs sky twice, I blindly arrogant, I thought I will not be afraid , I almost died on a roller coaster. Two people messed up in the wind. After doing the exercise, the legs tremble, but it was really exciting. The feeling of heartbeat wanted me to sit again, 360° reversal, and my legs hanging in the air. We are The bravest girl. Red is fun, red is fun, red is fun, and important things are said three times! ! !

Universal Studios Singapore There are two special fire and mummy project is Transformers, Transformers and Japan Universal similar to Spider-Man, is a hero to save my story with the world, because they are totally immersive, so the effect is particularly realistic, especially cool, The mummy is even more fun, the text can’t describe it, it’s so cool, the heart beats faster after playing!

Universal Studios Singapore Universal Studios Singapore Universal Studios Singapore After playing the wet duo drifting in Jurassic Park, if you’re afraid of getting into the water, it’s best to prepare swimsuits in advance. They are also sold on the spot, but they are a bit expensive. I got wet with both shoes, so I hurried out and sold two flip flops. my heel water, peel the distressed

Universal Studios Singapore A must-see, the performance of the water world in the future, if you are afraid of getting wet, you will sit in the back, and you will get wet when you sit in the front. The foreign staff will spray you with water guns. It is fun to interact together. The whole scene is lively and funny. You must read English.

Universal Studios Singapore Universal Studios Singapore Universal Studios Singapore We who bought a lot of small things, who called us a boutique girl

Universal Studios Singapore The little girl whose hat was lifted by a penguin . You can apply for a tax refund at the visitor center for things you buy in Universal. Don’t forget, the master card can get a 10% discount.

Universal Studios Singapore Universal Studios Singapore There is a big candy store at the gate of Universal. If we don’t like sweets, we bought some small things and like this colorful gadgets

Universal Studios Singapore I do not know what to eat and saw a Putian restaurant, you eat, and ordered four dishes taste good, I like to eat the pigs trotters, finished back to the hotel

Equarius Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore Equarius Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore Equarius Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore I stayed at the Resorts World Equarius Hotel today. The room is very spacious. The windows are opened and surrounded by greenery. The scenery is unobstructed. There are also tea bags provided by TWG. This hotel makes our trip the most comfortable hotel. For two nights.
After applying the mask, get a good nights sleep, and you can touch the little dolphins the next day. We made an appointment on Taobao at 10:30 in the morning.

[New] Travels DAY4 Blue Healing Dolphin Up in the morning, after breakfast, non-stop expedition arrived in Sentosa water dolphin park, I really like dolphins because dolphins can be up close, is one of the important purpose of my visit to the
need to bring swimsuit, phone Items need to be stored in groups of five, and our coach will tell us some precautions.

Dolphin Park It needs to be renewed for at least 35 seconds before entering the water, especially to wash off the sunscreen on my body. I made a strategy in advance and did not apply sunscreen that day.

Dolphin Park When you touch the little dolphin, you must be careful about scratching your nails. The skin of the dolphin is repaired every 2 hours, so it is very smooth. The coach tells us how to distinguish between boys and girls

Dolphin Park Dolphin Park Dolphin Park Dolphin Park Cute to bubbling little dolphin??

Dolphin Park Hold hands, hug, kiss, cute and bubbling little dolphins, so funny, I want to take our son and daughter to play in the future, will definitely like it very much, two old mothers can think of babies no matter where they are , We agreed to wait for the baby to grow up and bring the baby here.
The photos of the Dolphin Park need to be paid. The package we bought is one package, all the photos in the electronic version of 198 SGD, and two printed versions. Of course, I have to take photos to commemorate such an important moment as the little dolphin.

SEA Romantic Aquarium + Fantasy Restaurant Tickets for the Aquarium were bought on Taobao, and the Ocean Restaurant was booked in advance on the official website.
Many good-looking videos are unfortunately not available.

SEA Aquarium Swimming fish

SEA Aquarium Beautiful anemone

SEA Aquarium The starfish are cutely decorated, and you can watch the small fish swimming around for a meal

SEA Aquarium Dessert is too sweet

SEA Aquarium The main course is delicious

SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium You can touch the starfish

SEA Aquarium After visiting the aquarium and having lunch, I went to the water park to go to the high water park. The two of them became crazy and did not come out until the door was closed. Because the mobile phone was stored, there was no photo. I recommend everyone to come and play. The super large spiral slide is too fun Up.
For dinner, I booked a Michelin restaurant-Sen. It was on the first floor of the hotel where we were staying. Back to the hotel to clean up and taste the food.

Michelin Restaurant-Sen This restaurant is really too delicious, by the Singapore main reason national treasure chef Sam Leong, can be seen in the restaurant chefs cooking the whole process
we ordered a five-course Chef

Equarius Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore Equarius Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore Equarius Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore I want to say that every dish is delicious

Equarius Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore When I made the reservation, I noted the anniversary, and the restaurant gave us a small cake, which gave us a sense of ceremony on this trip. After eating, we walked around in the hotel and will leave Sentosa tomorrow. I don’t know what will happen in the next few days.

[New] Travel Notes DAY5 Runaway Little India + Feng Taste Tiger Prawns SEA Aquarium Had a toast workshop for breakfast, the calories were overwhelming, half-boiled eggs are my favorite

SEA Aquarium Taking a picture of Merlion is about to leave the island.
Today I live at the Marriott Hotel in the city, and first go to store my luggage. The
hotel rooms are beautiful, the transportation is convenient, and the stay is very comfortable.

Singapore Marriott Hotel Little India Take the subway to reach the small Indian , little India is India in microcosm, the breath of life is very thick, like visiting the markets, I think we can hang around here one day house a variety of color as if from a fairy tale world.
Small India It’s not far from Haji Alley, Arab Street, and Bugis Street, but the weather is too hot and I don’t bother to check in, so I didn’t go there. I went sightseeing on the bus. I recommend literary youth to check in and take photos.

Little India Little India Little India Little India Little India Little India Draw this pattern on your hand, it will fall off in a week

Little India After shopping, I ate a laksa. It was really delicious. The locals came to pack it. Later I realized that this is also an online celebrity shop, but the deliciousness is real. It is worthwhile for me to walk for a long time.

Little India Little India After eating, take a bus to the National Museum of Art in the afternoon

Singapore Art Museum National Gallery of Singapore The art gallery is so beautiful, it looks great in any shot, and it happens to have an exhibition of Mr. Wu Guanzhong’s paintings

Singapore Art Museum Singapore Art Museum Singapore Art Museum Singapore Art Museum Singapore Art Museum Singapore Art Museum No. 70 delicious + 1altitude high-altitude bar closest to the stars After visiting the art gallery, go to the food stall where Nicholas Tse brought Gui Lunmei to eat tiger prawns in Fengweili
. The fish ball noodles on the left side of the shop are also delicious. Many people queue up.
Tiger prawns, water spinach, and barbecue devil fish are all delicious.

Newton Food Centre After dinner we will go to the worlds highest open-air bar, and more than Bangkok, 250 meters high sky bar, 360 overlooking the Singapore night scene, the 63-storey, 35 tickets to the new currency with two glasses of wine, drink a Singapore commander frustration camera no electricity, phone I took two photos casually.

Stellar at 1-Altitude Stellar at 1-Altitude [New] Travel Notes DAY6 Geylang Eat Durian Shopping in Sands Today I stayed at the hotel we most anticipated in this trip, the Sands Hotel, looking forward to the borderless swimming pool. After eating the breakfast buffet at the Marriott Hotel, I took a taxi to the hotel to store my luggage. I want to say that the breakfast buffet at the Marriott Hotel is very delicious. A Starbucks, I went to buy a few Merlion cubs, because I am a bear control, will collect Starbucks cubs. Our journey today is a bit of a detour, fortunately Singapore is very small

Singapore Marriott Hotel Meng Meng da two cubs
we went to Sands End luggage went to St. Andrews Cathedral, the church is closed before 17:00 every day, pay attention to the small partner

St. Andrews Church The church was solemn and quiet. I went in quietly and took a few pictures so as not to affect the praying people

St. Andrews Church This green dress of my girlfriend is really beautiful

St. Andrews Church St. Andrews Church There is a Bible under each seat.
The next stop is to check in at Merlion Park

Merlion Park It’s really all of us. The crowd is a bit irritable, so we didn’t take a photo with the Merlion. There should be fewer people in the morning, which would be better.
You can take pictures of the Sands Hotel and the Ferris wheel opposite.

Merlion Park Take a group photo

Merlion Park Here you can take pictures of the Golden Sands Hotel and Ferris wheel opposite, it will be a bit cloudy

Merlion Park
To the meal points, around the hotel is not much, eat hot pot and watermelon, I chose the little sheep, and my just eat a little spent 700 ocean, a little distressed, eating lunch, my girlfriends willing to accompany me Geylang Chimao Sanno , I am very touched because she doesn’t like to eat durian. To satisfy me, I can’t eat it in the authentic Maoshan Kingdom.

Geylang It takes about 20 minutes by bus to arrive at Durian Street. The quality of durians will accompany you a lot. Black thorn, red shrimp, Musang King, etc., the varieties are different, the price is different, the boss recommended me to eat Musang King, in fact I really want to try Taste blackthorn

Geylang I bought iced coconut and it was really fragrant. My friend ate a little, and I ate the rest. The people on the opposite table, four of them ate seven or eight durians. They seem to be fans of durians, so I asked me Are you refreshing?

Geylang I have to take a picture with my favorite durian cutie.
If you are full, we will transfer to the bus and go to Gardens by the Bay. The double tube ticket we bought on Taobao does not need to be changed. Just scan the code.
Gardens by the Bay is Singapores super garden downtown to cost 1 billion yuan to become Singapores newest landmark.
Visitors can see more than 250,000 exotic flowers and plants and the worlds largest indoor waterfall in the huge hemispherical greenhouse in the garden.
There are many huge super trees built in them, these super trees are not only spectacular and beautiful, but also have many practical functions.

Flowered Ocean Marina Bay Singapore Gardens by the Bay A pavilion is a paradise for succulents. It just so happens that my girlfriend likes to raise succulents, she knows better

Singapore Gardens by the Bay Singapore Gardens by the Bay Singapore Gardens by the Bay Singapore Gardens by the Bay Singapore Gardens by the Bay Singapore Gardens by the Bay The Huadu with Lego fight

Singapore Gardens by the Bay In the indoor waterfall, tourists from all over the world take pictures underneath. Children like water and run around underneath.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay Singapore Gardens by the Bay After we are shopping, we are ready to go to the hotel to rest. After passing through the sky garden, we will arrive at the Sands Hotel.
We decided to have a superhero fast food on the third floor of the Sands Mall for dinner.

My Heroism Plot—DC Superhero Theme Restaurant DC Anime Superhero Cafe This shop is very big, with a theme restaurant, and anime surroundings. I bought a superman outfit for my son. It is cute and explosive. The theme elements are as big as the ceiling, as small as the menu and dishes

DC Anime Superhero Cafe The taste of cuttlefish pasta is too good, it is a very high-end taste

DC Anime Superhero Cafe DC Anime Superhero Cafe The burgers are also very delicious, the meatloaf is very thick, it is recommended to check in

DC Anime Superhero Cafe Hot Chocolate, Batman Latte

DC Anime Superhero Cafe Very exquisite shop

DC Anime Superhero Cafe DC Anime Superhero Cafe After dinner, the two of us were planning to go to Gardens by the Bay to watch the light show, then go to the infinity pool to check in, and then go to the casino. But the shopping mall was so good, we went from six oclock to 12 oclock and the mall closed.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands This LV is really beautiful, shining, it is said to be the lv global flagship store

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands As a beauty control, I want to collect small tins of each color of TWG

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands What are you waiting for if you dont buy TWG tea?

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands The little brother who calls tea for us

[New] Travel Notes DAY7 look forward to our next journey Y The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Woke up early and wandered around the infinity pool, the scenery is beautiful, I just want to say that all are people

Singapore Changi Airport I took a taxi to the airport and processed the tax refund at the airport. As stated in the travel notes, I bought green cake and egg yolk and fish skin as a gift to my friends. It was really delicious

Singapore Changi Airport I bought the switch that my family wanted at the airport. The price is not good. I can play together and break up the kitchen when I go home.

Singapore Changi Airport The cheese roll good to eat, I Scoot ride back to Xian , ordered a braised chicken with rice on Scoot, unpalatable to vomiting

Written at the end you are my little sun This is an atypical tour. It’s a pity that I didn’t go to the Atlas Bar, Gatsby’s location
. The significance of staying at the next bar is not the amount of food I ate, the scenery, and the photos I took. It lies in who we go with, what we have experienced together, our mutual encouragement and laughter together weave our travel story together.
There is a kind of feeling that will never lose to time in a lifetime,
can play, can spit, can hug,
commit two together, gossip together, never leave,
no matter how far we are, we still have nothing to say,
when we are old, we We will also travel together, take nice photos, eat delicious food, we all have to live happily.
You are the little sun in my heart

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