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        tattoo tribalphoenixtattooEveryone is commenting regarding being employed with visible tattoos. I have never been unemployed due to my tattoos or been denied a job with tattoos as the reason. I have also never heard of anyone, not one, person being unemployed due to a tattoo. Ive heard that all my life "what about a job?" Well what about it? I show up, do my job, get paid go home. Heres the real question, no matter if you are tattooed or not, Im interested in a truthful honest answer ( that will speak for a third of the lame responses b4 I even ask) if there were ever this supposed job or branch of workforce where tattoos would keep you from participating (government spies excluded) would you really want or be happy in such a job? If you could lose your job over a tattoo you could probably lose it for any dumb fk reason, ya think? Hey, maybe most of you reading this now that are employed put effort into obtaining and keeping your job thru common sense n good work ethic, right? GTF outta here with BS like "joining the corporate world" "permanently scarring your body" and being blind to the fact that you sound like your parents and your fuct up attitude has done worse things to your soul than a tattoo needle ever will do to flesh, including keeping you unemployed and out of some sh*tty job that does not exist! ?

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