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    wonderful black ink maori tattoo on half body

        wonderful black ink maori tattoo on half body+Josh Miller I dont get where your coming from. I do care about human deaths (I said that in my previous comment) despite what you may think and Im pretty sure all I originally said was that is was "funny but sad". Im amazed that you had to type for so long only to insult me when I only pointed out the truth. even so I should have been more clear about what I meant, not all americans but only the ones who see the middle east as a giant weapons testing zone. And as for calling my name "dumb" thats not even a good insult... I am a nerd and I love bubblegum. you should be able to tell half of that from my channel. Regardless however its obvious Ive upset you in-particular, Im not trying to change your opinion Im just asking you to respect mine like I respect yours.?

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