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    Wonderful black swan in mirror frame with red jem tattoo on thigh

        Wonderful black swan in mirror frame with red jem tattoo on thighHe talks a little fast, but its definitely easy to understand to me. Hes also Canadian so... But anyways! Americans have many many different dialects and slang in different regions in the country. Pele from Manhattan talk literally like "sotheithetdaygimerqwduihick cf" Now theres some people who can shoot out words like maniacs! Theres also some people from the northwest Ive met and they talk fairly slowly and like to enunciate their words. Theres also Alaska and Hawaii which have totally different dialects and almost (dare I say) different accents from the main 48. Im interested to know what country youre from... I know a couple English foreign exchange students that talked a lot faster than I did, so murica and Canada clearly arent the only ones with people who speak fast.?

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