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    wonderful blue mermaid tattoo on leg

        wonderful blue mermaid tattoo on leg+NerdBubblegum "You guys" so every american is accountable for the actions of a corrupt leader that nobody has control over? Listen. You are a fucking moron. 13 years is not a long time. and especially not long enough to stop respecting the deaths of other human beings. Your priorities and beliefs are out of whack and for having such an opinion your probably a disrespectful scum bag in reality. I am Canadian and i respect the deaths of thousands of innocent americans 13 years ago. I respect the deaths of thousands of human beings 13 years ago. I Also inform fucking morons that they are fucking morons for allowing there minds to be clouded by stupidity and sheer ignorance of the value of life by mocking such a terrible event. You sir Nerdbubblegum(dumb name) are clearly a fucking idiot and you need to shut the fuck up.

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